Rogues & Frauds

Make sure to verify that any website displaying the CIPA seal appears on our membership list at

Bad operators on the internet outnumber the legitimate and safe CIPA members. In fact, there are only 68 websites that meet the CIPA standards and are authorized to carry the CIPA certification mark.   The rogues and frauds want you to believe they are real pharmacies but you’ll always be safe if you avoid them and rely on a safe CIPA certified pharmacy.

        • CIPA Members never send unsolicited e-mail (spam) advertising their services.
        • CIPA Members will not sell controlled substances even with a prescription.
        • CIPA Members will not sell any prescription medication without a prescription from your personal physician.

Rogues are websites that engage in a variety of unsafe practices: they sell medications without prescription, won’t tell you who they are or where they are located, or sell substandard – even counterfeit products.

Fraudulent sites are those that masquerade as something they are not: they aren’t Canadian, they aren’t pharmacies, and they certainly aren’t CIPA certified – yet they hijack our seal to deceive you.

Any website that carries one of the following names should not be trusted. Each one of these websites may use dozens of different domain names or URLs (the name that appears in the address bar of your web browser), but as long as you see any of the following names on the website itself, don’t trust it.

This list is regularly updated to provide you with current information about mischief on the web.

None of the following sites are CIPA members.

American Pharmacy

Best Discounted Drugs

Canadian Discounted Pharmacy

Canadian Drugstore

Canadian Drug Store

Canadian Family Pharmacy

Canadian Health and Care Mall

Canadian Healthcare

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Online Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy

Global Meds

Green Line Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

Personal Pharmacy

Pharma Bonus


Sky Pharmacy

Toronto Drugstore

Toronto Drug Store


These sites all use fraudulent seals and credentials. These sites are the number one source of consumer complaints. Most consumers tell us that their credit card was charged but no shipment was received. If this has happened to you, please contact your credit card company and report this fraud.

These sites changes their “URL” almost everyday and makes outrageous claims about their founders and credentials. They are not a CIPA member – and never has been. is a member of CIPA and a licensed Canadian pharmacy. You will always see this name in the URL line and it will not change like the sites mentioned above.