Patient Safety

CIPA members sell Health Canada approved medications from their pharmacies located in Canada. In addition, CIPA members have relationships with regulated international pharmacies or inspected fulfillment centers that sell and directly deliver medications to patients from where they are located.

Identify Canadian Pharmacy Filling the PrescriptionWhen ordering from a Canadian online pharmacy website, the U.S. patient should know the Canadian pharmacy’s name, address, phone number, license number, and province where the pharmacy is licensed. To be certain, go to VERIFY A CIPA MEMBER and enter the name of the pharmacy you are considering.This information should be clearly identified on the web page, on registration forms or provided on the phone by the customer service attendant.Always deal with a CIPA pharmacy, but be aware that some fraudulent use the CIPA seal does exist so be sure to verify the website name using our membership verifier.
Contact the Canadian provincial pharmacy regulatory agencyTo ensure that the pharmacy is a legitimate Canadian pharmacy the patient can contact the provincial pharmacy regulatory agency in British Columbia or Manitoba.The provincial pharmacy regulatory agency sets standards of practice and regulates pharmacy from a patient safety perspective.If contacting a regulatory agency, be sure to mention the official name of the filling pharmacy that will be found on the CIPA member’s site or obtained from customer service attendant. Note that the name of the licensed pharmacy is generally not the same as the website domain name which is selected for marketing purposes.

A U.S. patient has the same rights as a Canadian patient to file a complaint with a provincial pharmacy regulatory agency.

Confirm the pharmacy is using best practicesCIPA members:

  • require a prescription from the patient’s U.S. physician;
  • obtain both demographic and medical information from the U.S. patient.

For medications ordered directly from our Canadian pharmacies, the CIPA member must have a Canadian physician review patient information before authorizing a Canadian prescription.

The U.S. patient should have access to pharmacist counselling in accordance with the pharmacy regulations where the dispensing takes place.

Beware of Rogue operators and fraudulent use of the CIPA SealBad operators on the internet outnumber the legitimate and safe CIPA members. Many unscrupulous criminals want you to believe they are real pharmacies. You’ll always be safe if you avoid them so we maintain a current list to assist you.Rogues are websites that engage in a variety of unsafe practices: they sell medications without prescription, won’t tell you who they are or where they are located, or sell substandard, even counterfeit products.

Fraudulent sites are those that masquerade as something they are not: they aren’t Canadian, they aren’t pharmacies, and they certainly aren’t CIPA certified – yet they hijack our seal to deceive you.

Consumer Warning: Never order prescription drugs from a website that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. CIPA member pharmacies put your safety first.