You've been faced with the high cost of your prescription medications after a recent visit to your physician, or when talking to your pharmacist. It seems unbelievable that something you ordered 3 months ago was gone up by 10% in just that time, and xx% since last year.

This has prompted you search the internet where claims abound about saving money with smiling men and women in white coats telling how to come in and browse. There are also numerous messages about how you shouldn't trust a website, only shop from at U.S. source, and run as fast as you can to the online store of your neighborhood retailer.

Here are 5 keys to finding a safe and affordable prescription medications.

1. make sure you can contact the website by telephone

2. make sure they require a prescription.

3. confirm where they are locate and that they have a pharmacy license where they are located.

4. confirm that you can talk to a licensed pharmacist if you choose.

5. make sure your personal and payment information will be held securely and not shared for any purpose other than to process your order.

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