Checks Are Best When Ordering from CIPA Member Pharmacies

September 9, 2014

CIPA member pharmacies are committed to delivering safe and affordable medicines and employ processes that are designed to protect your personal and private information. Equally important CIPA Members provide convenient and secure payment methods to their patients.
CIPA members have always accepted a variety of different payment methods as long as they meet strict security, safety and privacy standards. CIPA Members value input from consumers to help address their needs, including with respect to payment methods.

Credit card fees are significant and growing. In addition to high Annual Percentage Rates on unpaid balances, credit card companies often charge cardholders an international transaction fee when ordering from a CIPA pharmacy. Fees charged to retailers by credit card companies also add to the costs of credit card purchases, as these fees raise the CIPA Member's cost of doing business with you.

In addition, VISA and MasterCard are now trying to address problems associated with illegitimate online pharmacies using VISA and MasterCard accounts. Unfortunately, a number of legitimate, safe pharmacies, including CIPA members, have been impacted by VISA and MasterCard's unusually broad-brush approach. This is very frustrating, as we believe VISA's and MasterCard's policy is having a negative effect on consumers trying to purchase medications from trusted CIPA Member pharmacies with a perfect safety record and long history of serving U.S. residents.

But CIPA member pharmacies have an easy alternative to the expense and logistics of using credit cards - paying by check! Checks are secure, they can't be hacked by online hijackers, they are backed by cash in your account, and they have no history of sudden or extreme fee hikes, the way credit cards currently do.

So why do CIPA pharmacies prefer checks? Because by accepting checks CIPA Members can keep the cost of payment processing down, and continue to offer medications to their patients at lower prices.

CIPA certified sites pride themselves on being the safe and AFFORDABLE alternative to high priced U.S. drugs and paying for medications using a check is a way to slow or eliminate creeping transaction costs while maximizing a customer's security of personal information.

We encourage everybody to give it a try!


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