CIPA Continues to Fight Frauds using our Trusted Verification Seal

July 28, 2015

CIPA Identifies Rogue Websites and Partners with Anti-Fraud Authorities to Protect American Consumers Seeking Safe Online Pharmacies

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), in partnership with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), continues to aggressively monitor and pursue rogue pharmacies falsely using the CIPA verification seal on illegitimate pharmacy websites. The CIPA seal verifies the integrity of legitimate online pharmacy member companies who have maintained a 100% perfect safety record selling maintenance medications to more than 10 million Americans since 2002.

CIPA is taking action against rogue online pharmacies by identifying rogue websites and demanding they remove the stolen CIPA-verified seal. CIPA also contacts domain name registrars to demand that the offending domains be shut down entirely should the CIPA seals not be removed. Thus far in 2015, hundreds of domain names have been reviewed and 90 identified as fraudulently carrying the trademarked CIPA seal. "Cease and desist" letters were sent to rogue sites and registrars, leading to the removal of 10 fraudulent CIPA seals and 33 domains being blocked to date.

Additionally, the list of rogue websites is regularly shared with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, which reviews the list to determine sites that are still active and sends trademark violation letters. "Rogue websites fraudulently using the CIPA seal are one of many complaints currently reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre," explained Jeff Thomson, in charge of the Operational Support Unit (OSU) with the CAFC. "We frequently work with our partners to raise awareness about these types of frauds."

CIPA is an association of licensed retail pharmacies that sell 90-day supplies of pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications (but not controlled substances) to both Canadians and Americans with a valid prescription. CIPA member pharmacies provide a safe and reliable option for ordering health maintenance medications online, and members in good standing display the CIPA verification seal on their website.

The CIPA verification seal demonstrates the pharmacy follows a number of best practices, including: requiring a valid prescription for each order (which is verified with the patient's physician); quality controls; transparency about the pharmacy with contact information listed on their websites; and maintenance of patient privacy and confidentiality. This makes the CIPA verification seal an important consumer tool for identifying safe, legitimate pharmacies that will provide critical maintenance medications to U.S. consumers at reasonable prices.

"Only 64 website qualify to carry the reliable CIPA seal that verifies the practices of member pharmacies for selling safe and affordable maintenance medications. The CIPA seal is an important tool for consumers to use in finding a reputable pharmacy," said CIPA general manager Tim Smith. "Americans are increasingly turning to Canadian pharmacies to purchase safe, affordable medications because of the skyrocketing costs of pharmaceuticals in the U.S. With this rapid increase in consumer need, and to protect the safety of customers seeking maintenance medications, we will remain in pursuit of those who fraudulently use our seal."

Consumers can consult the CIPA website (, where they can learn more about the association, ordering medications safely online, and how to verify whether an online pharmacy is truly a CIPA member.

About CIPA

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is an association of licensed retail pharmacies that sell pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications (but not controlled substances) in 90-day quantities to both Canadian and U.S. citizens from pharmacies in Canada. In addition, CIPA members have business relationships with licensed international pharmacies and government-approved dispensing facilities that ship medications directly to patients from their premises. CIPA member pharmacies provide the same quality controls and convenience of U.S. mail-order services, allowing consumers to maintain their health with brand-name pharmaceuticals delivered right to their

home. Our member pharmacies have maintained a 100 percent perfect safety record, while serving more than 10 million U.S. patients since CIPA was established in 2002. CIPA can be found online at

About CAFC

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) is Canada's central repository for data, intelligence and resource material as it relates to fraud. The CAFC commits to providing timely, accurate and useful information to assist citizens, businesses, law enforcement and governments in Canada and around the world. The CAFC's primary goals are prevention through education and awareness, disruption of criminal activities, dissemination of intelligence, support to law enforcement and strengthening partnerships between the private and public sectors with the aim of maintaining Canada's strong economic integrity. CAFC is online at


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