CIPA Members Recommend you Pay by Check

May 13, 2014

CIPA members are committed to delivering the safest medicines at affordable prices while protecting your personal and private information. Equally important is providing convenient and secure payment methods for our patients.

CIPA members have always accepted a variety of different payment methods as long as they meet strict security, safety and privacy standards. CIPA values the input from consumers to help address their needs, including with respect to payment methods.

Since forming CIPA in 2002, we've recognized the growing popularity of credit cards - and the soaring fees attached to them for both the consumer and merchant! Do you remember paying between 5.9% and 12% back then on Annual Percentage Rate (APR)? According to US Bank, that figure now ranges between 11.99% and 23.99%, not to mention the various other fees such as foreign country transaction fees that are often added to your credit card bill.

The fees that CIPA members must pay to accept your credit card also continue to grow and these are ultimately passed on to the consumer in the form of price increases.

But have you considered paying with a check? They are secure, they can't be hacked by online hijackers, they are backed by cash in your account, and they have no history of sudden or extreme fee hikes, the way credit cards currently do.

So why do CIPA pharmacies prefer checks? Because the better CIPA certified companies can keep the costs of payment processing down, the lower the price they can offer our patients for their medications.

CIPA certified sites pride themselves on being the SAFE and AFFORDABLE alternative to high priced U.S. drugs and paying for medications using a check is a way to slow or eliminate creeping transaction costs while maximizing the security of personal information.

We encourage everybody to give it a try!


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