CIPA Trademark Enforcement Project Getting Good Results

March 5, 2012

CIPA Sees Success against Rogue Online Pharmacies with Trademark Enforcement Project

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is pleased to report that its campaign to fight rogue internet pharmacies is seeing positive results. Since October 2011, a concentrated effort has challenged websites that wrongfully display the CIPA Certification Mark. To date, over 125 rogue pharmacies have been forced to remove the fraudulent CIPA seal, or have had their website disabled entirely.

The CIPA Seal is a mark of professionalism, quality, integrity and safety. It tells patients that an online pharmacy has met CIPA's strict safety standards. The CIPA Seal assures a consumer that they are working with a government licensed brick and mortar pharmacy; one that requires a valid prescription, protects the personal medical and financial information, and has a licensed pharmacist available for consultation.

"The rogue sites that we have responded to our challenge are a disservice to consumers who have turned to the internet for affordable alternative to high cost U.S drugs." said CIPA President and General Manager Tim Smith. "We will continue our aggressive action against such predators to ensure that patients have safe online pharmacies from CIPA member websites where we have maintained a 100% perfect safety record over the past 10 years."

To verify that a Canadian online pharmacy is a certified CIPA member, click here and type in the website URL. For more information on becoming a CIPA member, visit our membership page.


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