Separating the Good from the Bad

September 30, 2011

The CIPA office often gets phonecalls and emails from consumers who receive unsolicited email messages with 'too good to be true' pricing on a variety of products - most notably male enhancement drugs. We're always happy to report that CIPA members never send spam messages and never share the private/personal information from our patients with anybody.

You can trust CIPA pharmacies for all of their safety procedures, but there are rogue operators on the web that try to lure consumers into unreliable territory. Spam activity from those bad guys reduced significantly a year ago with the closure of the Spamit affiliate program, but the practice continues to be a nuisance and is building.

CIPA feels it's worthwhile to share information about the spam artists and the network of rogue pharmacies that's behind it. This article from Brian Krebs at Krebs on Security is an excellent primer on the devious work of people who prey on unsuspecting patients. Thank goodness that CIPA exists to keep consumers safe.

Click here to read Brian's article.


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