The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is pleased to launch this new blog, “The Pharmacist’s Corner.” This blog is written in conjunction with professional pharmacists who work at Canadian pharmacies that are approved CIPA members. It will provide consumers with general tips and information on the safe use of prescription medications, especially those taken daily for chronic medical conditions. If you have questions about safe medication use, or the specific prescriptions that you take on a regular basis, please feel free to contact the licensed pharmacist available to you through your CIPA member pharmacy.

The Pharmacist’s Corner #1 – How to Safely Manage Daily Prescription Medications

Taking your medications properly is extremely important to your health. In fact, many visits to the doctor or hospital can be avoided simply by adhering to your medication routine, and avoiding some common errors that can occur in using daily medications. Here are a few tips to help you use your prescriptions safely and effectively.

The Pharmacist’s Corner #2 – The Key to Staying on Schedule with your Medications

Because your health condition doesn’t go away, adherence to therapy – which means taking your medication exactly as prescribed every single day – is critically important.  In fact, it is estimated to be a $300 billion dollar problem, according to Prescriptions for a Healthy America.