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CIPA survey of Americans finds 64% purchase medications from Canada due to affordability

High Cost of Medications in U.S. Forces Americans to Skip Doses, Split Pills, and Restrict Use of Medications Altogether; – Ordering from Canada Saves an Average of 50%

In a new survey of approximately 2,700 American customers, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) found continued demand for safely ordering prescription medications online from licensed Canadian pharmacies.  Approximately 64% of respondents purchase some or all of their health maintenance medications from a non-U.S. pharmacy due to costs of filling the prescriptions.  Another 22% said medications are not covered under their insurance plan.

Many news reports and independent studies have documented the issue of dramatically rising medication prices and challenges Americans experience in affording their prescriptions.  Twenty-five percent of survey respondents underscored this issue by acknowledging that lack of money has kept someone in their household from filling prescriptions during the last year.  Approximately 30% reported having to skip doses, split pills, or take similar actions to restrict their use of prescribed medications because of high costs.

Customers reported spending $250 per month per prescription on average to order a 90-day supply of prescription medications for personal use, and saving approximately $246 (or 50 percent) per month by importing their medications from Canadian pharmacies.


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