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Trust the CIPA seal – but beware of Internet imposters and fake certification marks!

For more than a decade, millions of Americans have relied on members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) to provide them with safe, affordable medications. CIPA member pharmacies meet our stringent standards for reliability and safety in such areas as requiring a valid prescription; maintaining a patient health profile to avoid adverse drug interactions; having a licensed pharmacist on staff to supervise dispensing and be available for patient consultations; and having procedures in place to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.

Only 68 pharmacy websites meet our high standards and qualify for CIPA membership. See the full list here. Every CIPA member pharmacy prominently displays this exact official CIPA red oval certification mark (also known as a seal) on their website.


Trust the CIPA seal to find a verified online pharmacy

Each CIPA pharmacy member is licensed and regulated by the government for safety. CIPA pharmacies ensure patients have access to quality prescription drugs at affordable prices.