Rogues and Fraudulent Websites

Bad operators on the internet outnumber the legitimate and safe CIPA members. In fact, there are only 63 websites that are accredited by CIPA. The rogues and frauds want you to believe they are real pharmacies so beware, and be sure to avoid them by relying on a safe CIPA certified pharmacy.

  • CIPA Members never send unsolicited e-mail (spam) advertising their services.
  • CIPA Members will not sell controlled substances or narcotics even with a prescription.
  • CIPA Members will not sell any prescription medication without a prescription from your personal physician.

Rogues are websites that engage in a variety of unsafe practices: they sell medications without prescription, won't tell you who they are or where they are located, or sell substandard - even counterfeit products.

Fraudulent sites are those that masquerade as something they are not: they aren't Canadian, they aren't pharmacies, and they certainly aren't CIPA certified - yet they hijack our seal to deceive you.

Database of rogue online pharmacies and fake mailorder prescription websites

The following website names should not be trusted. If you see any of these exact business names when you visit a website, avoid contacting them in any way. This list is regularly updated to provide you with current information about mischief on the web. None of these sites are CIPA members.

American Pharmacy

Best Discounted Drugs

Canadian Discounted Pharmacy

Canadian Drugstore

Canadian Family Pharmacy

Canadian Health & Care Mall

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadians Online Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy

First Medicine Online Pharmacy Store

Green Line Pharmacy

Global Meds

Healthy & Happy

Mobile Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy

No.1 Canadian Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

Personal Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall


Sky Pharmacy

Toronto Drugstore

Toronto Drug Store

Trusted Tabs

Trust Pharmacy

Unified Drugs

Viagra Brand Online Store

Viagra Soft Tabs

World Pharmacy Store

Your Trusted Prescription Supplier

Do not deal with a site that contacts you by e-mail and directs you to a site with the name "Canadian Pharmacy," "Canadian Healthcare", "Canadian Health and Care Mall" or any of the names on the CIPA Beware of Rogues page.

These sites all use fraudulent seals and credentials. These sites are the number one source of consumer complaints. Consumers have told us that payments were taken but no shipment was received.

Many sites change their "URL" almost every day and make outrageous claims about their credentials.

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