CIPA member pharmacies are dedicated to providing safe, affordable prescription medications to Americans, to help protect the health of those who cannot afford the exceedingly high cost of prescriptions in the U.S.

This has been our mission for since 2002, and we have proudly maintained a 100% perfect safety record during this entire time, serving almost a million patients annually.

We're also proud of the fact that our member pharmacies have been early pioneers in online marketing and mail order dispensing of daily medications (with a valid prescription signed by a doctor). Amazon, Air BnB, and many others have redefined how consumers safely, efficiently, and more affordably purchase goods and services online, to the benefit of millions of people. At CIPA, we've been doing the same to assist consumers in purchasing safe and affordable medications.

In this role as an Internet pioneer, CIPA has also become increasingly active in the Internet business community. Our association is taking this proactive role - in conjunction with several other prominent organizations - because we recognize there are bad actors in all corners of the Internet, including many that are selling pharmaceuticals.

It is our goal, working with other like-minded organizations, to help better identify, protect against, and take action against these "rogue pharmacies" - the bad actors who endanger consumers. In fact, our organizations have developed principles for the online sale of medications. We believe these principles will enable global standards of practice that safeguard consumers' access to necessary medicine via the Internet. You can read more about this effort in an article written by CIPA's executive director and posted here on an Internet industry website called CircleID.

CIPA and its member pharmacies believe that access to safe and affordable medications is a basic right. It's our privilege to serve our U.S. customers, and as part of the global online marketplace that can give access to people all over the world, to work with other Internet organizations and law enforcement officials, to protect consumers and help others adopt our rigorous safety standards as well.

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