Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our Canadian patients

More than 15 years ago as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association was developing its Standards of Practice and policies, it adopted its "Canada First" policy. This policy insures that in the unlikely circumstance of a prescription drug shortage, Canadians will have priority access to medications before any dispensing to other countries.

CIPA has reaffirmed this policy to Health Canada and our Canadian patients over the years, including during a potential Tamiflu shortage during the Avian flu crisis in 2005 and the H1N1 epidemic in 2009.

Occasions such as these are extremely rare, and CIPA members have developed relationships with licensed international pharmacies and government-approved fulfillment centers to provide additional safe pharmaceutical options for consumers.

Nonetheless, we continue our commitment to our "Canada First" policy and the health and wellbeing of our Canadian patients.

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