The website in question is a current member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), whose pharmacies have served approximately one million Americans each year since 2002.

CIPA members are licensed, retail pharmacies that sell Health Canada-approved pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications to individuals with a valid prescription. CIPA members also have relationships with regulated international pharmacies and inspected fulfillment centers from other countries that may be used to directly deliver medications to patients.

CIPA members do not sell controlled substances, narcotics, opioids, highly temperature sensitive products, or any product containing pseudoephedrine.

While this CIPA member's site has been flagged by NABP, CIPA is appealing that designation because all of our members strictly abide by the following stringent standards to ensure patient safety.

Our member pharmacies:

  • Require a valid prescription before dispensing medications;
  • Obtain demographic and medical information from the patient and maintain a health profile with medication history to avoid adverse drug interactions;
  • Have a licensed pharmacist on staff to supervise dispensing of medications and to be available for consultation upon patient request; and
  • Have procedures to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality of personal records and contact information.

To confirm that this website is a CIPA member, please type the website URL into our Verification Tool.

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